Refund policy

Return and replacement policy

Thank you for selecting AH Boutique to purchase your favorite products; we are pleased to serve you; your opinion may sometimes change regarding the products which you have purchased and received. Do not worry, AH Boutique will do its best to enable you to simply and smoothly return or replace such products as possible.
For you, we have facilitated the return and replacement process through the following procedures:

- Return and replacement within seven (7) days after receipt of the product as registered with the freight forwarder.
- This policy applies only when the product is not used, when it is in the same original condition at the time of purchase and when the sealed product label is not removed, and is not from the range of accessories products.
- While sale returns, all accessories and gifts received with the product at the time of purchase shall be returned in their original packaging.
- In the case of return or replacement, the customer shall deliver the product to the freight forwarder along with the sent bill of lading and pay the freight service cost, pursuant to the above-mentioned terms.
- The original purchase invoice shall be attached while commencement of the product replacement or return procedures.
- The customer has the option to refund value or replace his purchases with another/ other product(s) at the same price, depending on the customer’s choice, and if price of the alternative product differs from the price of the replaced product, the customer shall have only the right to request for cancellation of the contract by only refund of the product value and will have the right to purchase any available product under a new order and an independent payment.
- For refund of the purchases value paid via MADA/ credit cards, the amount will be refunded via the customer’s bank account registered in the card; for refund of the purchases value paid through the bank transfer, the amount will be refunded through bank transfer to the bank account of the customer who is the holder of the bank account, within fourteen (14) working days as of the date in which the product arrives and passes examination. The customer shall follow up the payment or transfer procedures through branch of his bank with which he deals.
• Exceptions not covered by the return and replacement policy:
1- Damage caused by misuse.
2- Internal clothing.
3- Accessories.
- If the product is returned due to a product defect, manufacturing defect, damage caused during the product delivery or delivery of incorrect/ wrong product, there shall be no additional freight service charges or bank transfer charges.